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A Good Deal And A Royal Flush-No Joker!

   A Good Deal and a Royal Flush- No Joker

HydroCare                          600 Mason Street

                                           Hardeeville, SC 29927
What do we do:

-All plumbing repair
-Water Heaters
(Installs, replacement, and repair-including tank and tankless-gas and electric)
-Repipe Potable (polybutylene, copper, galvanize, cpvc)
-Repipe non-potable(pvc, abs, galvanize, cast-iron)
-New construction
-Appliance installs and replacement
-Shower door installs and repair
-Sewer and drain cleaning and repair
-Tub replacement
-Shower replacement
Provided by site.

Worldwide technology guaranteed to treat limescale

No Salts. No Chemicals. No Magnetic Coils.

HydroCare is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of hard water. One patented unit transmits a unique radio frequency signal that effectively breaks up existing limescale that clogs in pipes, showers and appliances. It will prevent any future buildup protecting the entire plumbing system and increasing efficiency. The electric field is generated through the entire plumbing system and all water appliances.


A Green and Efficient Water Treatment Solution!

  • Costs a fraction of a water softener!
  • No Maintenance! No Bags of Salt! No Filters!
  • Energy Savings – up to 30% increased efficiencies in heating water
  • Unclogs pipes and saves thousands of gallons of water
  • Extends the life of your entire plumbing system and appliances
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy!
  • Uses less than 2 watts!
  • Wasted Energy
  • Appliance Wear
  • SAVINGS = $1,200/year

Give us a call to assist you in what ever plumbing needs you HAVE! 843-784-2679
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